More than an adjustment.

You have stress and we can help. Start by identifying and addressing the stressors in your life.

Stressors are individual things that trigger stress for you. Everyone has experiences that serve as stressors in their lives, whether those stressors are physical, chemical, or mental stressors. How your body reacts to these stressors can tell you a lot about your health. If stress is not addressed properly, regardless of whether you are physically experiencing stress, it can not only increase your risk of certain diseases, but it can also slow your healing process. 

When life seems out of control, it is important to figure out methods for tackling stress. With The Wellness Way approach to stress relief, the focus is minimizing stressors in three main areas of your life, which we refer to as the 3 Ts: Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts: 

  • Traumas are events both big and small that cause you pain or mental distress.
  • Toxins are external substances that get into your body and compromise the functioning of its key systems. They include processed foods and drinks, medications, cosmetics, environmental pollutants, and many others.
  • Thoughts and thought patterns are the beliefs that inform mental and emotional distress both consciously and unconsciously.

We address the 3 Ts with chiropractic services, as well as testing for toxins and thoughts that are contributing to the stress in your life. 

In addition to addressing the 3 Ts in our chiropractic services, we employ additional targeted, natural stress reduction strategies that help you cope with any traumas, toxins or thoughts that are causing or perpetuating stress in your life.

Learning how to manage the various stressors in your life is important to helping you live a healthier life. Begin your path to stress reduction today!